Angenieux 45-90/2.8
Angenieux 70-210/3.5
Super-Elmar 15/3.5
Super-Elmarit 15/2.8 ASPH.
Fisheye-Elmarit 16/2.8
Elmarit 19 1st version
Elmarit 19 current version
Super Angulon 21/4
Elmarit 24
Elmarit 28 3 cams
Elmarit 28 R cam
Elmarit 28 current version
Elmarit 28 ROM
Super Angulon PC 28
PA-Curtagon 35/4
Summilux 35 3 cams 
Summicron 35 3 cam
Elmarit 35 2 cams
Elmarit 35 3 cams
Summicron 50 2 cams
Summicron 50 3 cams
Summicron 50 R cam
Summicron 50 ROM
Summilux 50 3 cams
Summilux 50 Rom E60
Elmarit 60-Macro 2nd vers
Elmarit 60 Macro R-cam
Elmarit 60-Macro ROM
Summilux 80 3 cams
Summilux 80 ROM
Summicron 90
APO-Summicron 90 ASPH
Elmarit 90 first version
Elmarit 90
ApoMacro Elmarit100 3cam
ApoMacro Elmarit 100 ROM
Macro Elmar 100/4+Bellows
Elmarit 135
Elmar 180/4
Elmarit 180/2.8 first version
Elmarit 180/2.8 2nd version
APO-Elmarit 180/2.8
APO-Telyt 180/3.4
Telyt 250/4
APO-Telyt 280/2.8 
APO-Telyt 280/4
Telyt 350/4.8
Telyt 400/5.6
Telyt 400-560/6.8
Telyt-MR 500/8
Vario-Elmar 3.5/35-70
Vario-Elmar 4/70-210
Vario-Apo-Elmarit 70-180
Vario-Elmar 105-280
APO-Extender-R 1.4x
APO-Extender-R 2x
APO-Extender-R 2x ROM
Visoflex 14167 adapter
Visoflex 14127 adapter

Please read the
Leica General Advice

And visit our
Sony Feedback page

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We sell replacement mounts to use Leica-R lenses on Sony cameras.

Skip to our sales list

Welcome to Leitax. This is our Leica-Sony/Minolta page. I would like to thank all the Sony users that requested this mount and were waiting patiently for it. Finally, we can offer this new replacement Leitax bayonet to use two cams, three cams, R-cam and ROM Leica-R lenses on Sony or Minolta bodies.

-This conversion is fully reversible and will not damage either the lens or the camera.

-This replacement mount is ready to install the appropriate chip on it. Which is needed for some of the modern Sony cameras to operate. With the proper chip, our Sony camera will display the focus confirmation light, will meter in A mode and will enable  the Super Steady Shot.

-The Leica-R lenses will focus to infinity and will maintain the aperture click stops. After checking many models produced for several decades in three countries, we found differences at the point they focus to infinity, so our bayonet is measured to focus to infinity with all of them. Thus, maybe some units will reach even beyond infinity, in this case turning back the focusing ring just half millimeter is enough.

-For metering, I use the stop-down method in A mode, to have an accurate metering, remember to set the widest aperture on the Sony camera.

Some of the instructions you see on the left are for the Leica-Pentax bayonet. Just change the final step, installing the Leica for Sony bayonet instead and you are ready to shoot with your Sony camera.



For the sales list,
please scroll down

The Super-Angulon21mm f:3.4 will be not usable on any Sony camera.


The following lenses can use the Leica-Sony bayonet only after irreversible surgery, due to physical incompatibility :

--Leica lenses with one cam only.

As far as I know , all the rest of Leica-R lenses will not have problems on Sony cameras.

If you discover another problematic lens, please let me know.

- To have the Super Steady Shot system working properly, you'd have to order the correct chip for the lens you are going to use, with the max. aperture and focal length of your Leica lens recorded in it. 

- I recommend the more advanced chip (the thinner model -M42C) from James Lao, if you want me to glue the chip in your bayonet before shipping it, please add "Leitax" in the text box when ordering in his web shop and he will send your chip to me.
Or you can find him in Ebay ( james_dn )

- To glue yourself the electronic chip, just support it to the left or to the right in the precisely machined slot on our Leitax Leica-Sony bayonet, depending of the chip model (take a look at the pictures below).

- The Leitax bayonet also accepts simpler chip models that you can find in Ebay.

- I'm offering now a reversible custom conversion work for the Leica Zoom lenses with ROM contacts that are, in general, not suitable for direct bayonet replacement, please contact me for an estimate.
Of course, there is no problem with 3-cam Zoom lenses to use the standard Leitax mount.

- It is possible to install the Leitax bayonet on the Vario-Apo-Elmarit 70-180/2.8 ROM, as this lens is build the same way as the Leica ROM primes.

- CAUTION! The rear element protective shroud on the 1st type 50mm Summicron needs to be sanded down to clear the some internal metal part around the mirror of the A900 camera.

- I've discovered that my A350 can take pictures without the chip. In Manual mode, just turn the control wheel to set the speed and you will see the scale in the viewfinder showing the current exposure value.
In Manual mode, the camera will take the picture and will save it in the memory card. If you have a different camera model and can try it, please tell me if it works too.
But we don't have focus confirmation and the anti-shake works correct only for the 50mm default value.

- We can use the telephoto lenses Telyt 400 and 560/6.8 on Sony cameras with a special Leitax bayonet.
But lenses newer than head number 2380541 can have different cams that will not be compatible with the Leitax mount. Please check your lens, has it the same cam as in the instructions pictures?

- New! I can machine a special bayonet for the Apo-Summicron 180/2, to avoid removing its black internal tube.

- New! Confirmed: the Summilux 35/1.4 doesn't hit the mirror of the A900/A850 cameras.


- You can see pictures taken with Leica-R lenses with modern digital cameras at the Leitax group at Flickr.

Now you can order the Leica-Sony bayonet here.

Please check how many screws has the Leica original bayonet of your lens to order the appropriate replacement.

- The registered mail service is reliable but the delivery time is not very fast or even regular. If you need the Leitax mounts fast or you have a deadline I'd recommend the courier option.

---- We are now offering three variants of the Leica-Sony bayonet:

1--- The normal variant with Full and Half stops at the aperture ring, just like the original Leica-R lenses are.
2--- The special variant with only Full stops. With it, you can compose the picture in the viewfinder and take all the pictures you like changing the diaphragm value many times and still knowing the value of the aperture ring, just counting the "clicks".  You don't have to remove your eye from the viewfinder to check the diaphragm value.
As an additional benefit, you can use 1/3 diaphragm values.
3-- The special variant with no F-stops. This one is intended for the film makers, who need a silent aperture ring operation. Usually they remove the small ball to avoid the "clicks", but this is not good, there is a danger to destroy its spring and also this creates a new problem: the iris spring can move the aperture ring if there is nothing keeping it in place.


Sony bayonet, no adapter

1-- In stock 2-- In stock 3-- In stock

This is the standard Sony bayonet for Leica-R lenses with six holes.

Also included a spare bearing ball just in case the one at the lens get lost.

Now in three variants:
1-- Full & Half F-stops
2-- Only Full  F-stops
3-- No F-stops

68 Euro
Ten holes bayonet, no adapter If the Leica lens use a ten holes bayonet, then you'd need the special Leica-Sony mount with ten holes.

Spare ball bearing included.

75 Euro
Apo-90 special bayonet, no adapter Special Leica-Sony bayonet for the Apo-Summicron 90/2

Spare ball bearing included
Out of stock
82 Euro
Speciall mount for Sony, no adapter Special Leica-Sony bayonet for Telyt 400-560/6.8 and Telyt 400/5.6 (no surgery). Also for:
--Visoflex 14167
--Leica bellows
--Super-Angulon PC 28/2.8
--PA-Curtagon 35/4
Out of stock
78 Euro
Sony-Angenieux Special Sony mount for several Angenieux for Leica lenses.
(e.g., Zoom 70-210/3.5)

Spare ball bearing included
Out of stock
88 Euro
chip1chip2 If you make your chip provider to send the chip to me. I will glue it to your Leitax bayonet.
Please mention it at the Instructions to merchant place in the Paypal order.
Free service
This is the glue I use, it is strong and will not stick our fingers at once.
7 Euro
Sony cap You may need a generic Sony/Minolta rear lens cap.
2 Euro
Techcap But, if you want the best, I can offer now the OP/TECH USA Sony/Minolta cap.

-It has a rubber O-Ring that seals the lens from dust and moisture.

-The O-ring also forms tight friction, it will avoid losing the cap.

Out of stock
9 Euro

With certain models, we'll have to manipulate inside the lens, it's not a good place for something metallic. With this plastic tool I don't make any scratches in the Leica lenses.
3 Euro

I use this model for all the Phillips screws in the Leica and Zeiss lenses, it is industrial grade quality made by Irazola, and the design is very good, you can push and turn it firmly with the rotary end and the rubber finish.

9 Euro

This one is for the small black screws at the Leica's lens rear shroud. Unfortunately, Irazola doesn't produce a size for the bayonet flat screws founded in older Leica lenses.
5 Euro
This silicone grease tube is enough for dozens of bayonet replacements.
1 Euro
hemisphere If your Leica lens has lost the plastic red hemisphere, you can glue a new one.

Original Leica spare part.
Out of stock
Original Leica
Max.  two pieces
3 Euro
 Now you can buy an additional bearing ball and the spring that goes below it.

The spring is an original Leica part.
The bearing ball  has the precise tolerances to work fine on your Leica-R lens. This is important, a regular ball from the hardware store could get stuck into the barrel hole.
Max., two sets
4 Euro
cargol You can use the same screws that you have removed from your Leica-R lens, but In case you have lost one...

This is the standard screw for the Leica lens bayonet.

Original Leica spare part.
(max. order = two pieces)
Original Leica
Max. two pieces
0.25 Euro
Non-original Leica without restrictions
0.25 Euro
screw cam In case you have lost one...

This screw  is for the Leica lenses cams.

Original Leica spare part.
(max. order = two pieces)
Original Leica
Max. two pieces
0.25 Euro
shroud screw In case you have lost one...

This is the black shroud screw

Original Leica spare part.
(max order = two pieces)
Original Leica
Max. two pieces
0.75 Euro
bayonet replacement, no adapter
f you don't feel confident after reading the instructions, send your Leica lens to me.

Provided your lens is in the list, we can install a Leitax bayonet on it.

 Notice this price doesn't include the bayonet nor shipping.
50 Euro
Extra shipping cost for fast courier.
I would need your phone number for the courier shipping form.


Important Paypal Notes:

- We ship to all Paypal supported countries.
I must ship to the address supplied to me by Paypal. I cannot ship to any alternative addresses.
- 21% VAT Tax will be charged by Paypal system to European Union customers
- In case you have a valid intra-community VAT number, please include it at the Paypal text for the seller,  I will refund the Vat Tax amount via Paypal.
- If you don't receive my email after a purchase, it means Paypal failed to notify me,  this happens rarely. Please email me if you don't get my confirmation note.
- Customers outside the European Union may be have to pay import duties.
- If you don't have a Paypal account, it is possible to pay with a SWIFT Bank Transfer or Western Union transfer.


- Due to strict security, the postal service to the US can take several weeks, US customers please consider the courier option.
- Handling & Shipping cost for any quantity of items and to all countries: 10 Euros. It will be added automatically at the Paypal checkout.