Super Angulon

This is the Leitz Super Angulon 21/4.
Our client and friend Eric, 
took pictures of the whole process to share them with us.
3 cams

You can see the three cams.

Here we have the replacement bayonet.

First, unscrew the black shroud.
lift it

Now lift this side of the shroud. Help yourself with the plastic tool.

This way, it can be removed

Unscrew the bayonet, remove it and search for the small ball.

This time, it remains at its place.

And save it, we will need it later.
unscrew cams

Now, unscrew the two cams, please take a picture to remember later the place of each one.

Here you can see the cams and their own spacers, please save them separately.
Look at the cam on the right, it has the third cam machined on it.

Replace the small bearing ball, please put first a bit of special grease in the spring hole where the ball goes, and some grease on the ball too.
Install the bayonet

Install the Leica-Pentax or the Leica-Nikon bayonet, the red dot in front the scale center for Pentax, and slightly to the right for Nikon.

And screw it
, please tight the screws in cross pattern .

Now we can use the Super Angulon on Pentax and Nikon cameras.

I would like to thank again Eric for his help.
He is manager at Hunt's Photo,

Manchester, NH location
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