I would like to thank our client and friend Axel for sending his Angenieux lens to me, thanks to him we can see this conversion.

This is the Angenieux 70-210/3.5 Zoom lens for Leica-R.

This one is a three cams model, but it has only four screws.

Fortunately, the four screws coincide with the normal Leica-R screw positions.

You have to unscrew and remove the bayonet.

And this is the big problem, the slopped shape cams are not screwed as usual, but machined from one block together with the internal aperture ring.

The small bearing ball is in its place.

So I've made a special bayonet for this lens, and, hopefully, for more Angenieux models.

So we just have to put a bit of grease on the small bearing ball...

...and screw the special Leitax bayonet for this Angenieux Zoom lens.

Pay attention to the red dot position.

Ready, we can use this lens on our modern digital cameras.

 Canon cameras can use our standard bayonet for Leica-R lenses.
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