I would like to thank our client and friend James for sharing these great pictures.

This is the Angenieux 45-90/2.8 Zoom lens.

It was the first zoom lens made for Leica-R.

This one is a three cams model.

The first this to do is remove the small black screws of the shroud.

It is important to avoid these small screws falling into the lens.

I use to turn upside-down the lens when the screws are going to fall.

Removing the shroud.

And now we can unscrew the bayonet.

And remove it.

Look for the small bearing ball and save it apart for now.
We have to unscrew the cams too.
One is out.
James removed the black third cam, but probably it is not necessary, like on other Leica lenses.

Later, James confirmed it is not necessary to remove the third cam.
And the last cam.
But the aperture lever was slightly too  thick and touched the Leitax bayonet, so James filed it a bit.

He had to file approx. 0.45mm at the external side.
Don't worry at all, after filing, the aperture lever will have the same measures than in Leica lenses, so it will remain fully functional on Leica cameras.
Good protection work.
Ready to file.
Painting flat black the exposed metal.
Now replace the small bearing ball on its place and grease it, first put some grease in its hole and spring too.
After screwing the new Leitax bayonet, this lens is ready to shot on a Nikon camera.

It will work on Pentax, Sony and Sigma cameras too.
First samples with the Nikon D3, I think this lens is excellent.
Another Nikon-Angenieux picture.
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