We can share these instructions thanks to our client and friend Rainer, who send us the pictures of his Telyt 400/5.6 conversion with the special Leitax mount. logo

Rainer send us the text for his instructions:

Put some cloth on the working place – it protects the working place and prevents the tiny screws from rolling away.

This is the Leitz Telyt-R 5.6/400, a fine lines made in the year 1968.

Separate it into two parts for easier handling – we need to work only on the rear part.

You can see here the “single cam” which is part of the body.

Open the 6 screws on the original Leica bayonet with a flat screwdriver.

And remove it

Now you can see the “single cam” which is part of the body.

(This is the reason we cannot use the standard Leitax bayonet for Nikon and Sony)

Just put the Leitax bayonet ring on it and fix the 6 screws. Fix them tightly, as this is a heavy lens.

The new special bayonet fits neatly above the cam
No “Dremel” required !!!

Done – this was very easy, less then 5 minutes required!

The lens attaches precisely and without play both to my Nikon FM2 as well as to my D-700.

(Of course, it will focus to infinity.)

 A first test shot of our sleepy dog (hand-held) from about 4m distance proves that it works…”

Regards, Rainer

This special bayonet can be bought at our Nikon and Sony pages.
Pentax, Sigma and Canon cameras can use the standard Leitax bayonets.
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