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We sell Leitax mounts to use Leica-R lenses on Canon cameras.

Welcome to Leitax, this is our Leica-Canon EOS page. I never thought I would make a Canon-EOS mount too. After all, there are plenty of adapters in the market that you can use just turning the Leica lenses on them.

But I had regularly requests from Canon photographers that were not happy with those adapters, it seems the adapter solution is very convenient but has several problems:

Most of the complains are for the usual poor slot-spring solution to hold the Leica-R lens against the adapter. This is not good because the tension of the mount is made by wedging a soft metal with a slot. The slot will deform but will not bounce back to shape. Over time the adapter will be loose fitting and the lens will tilt, specially heavier lenses.

Also using an adapter you have two groups of springs, two pieces fastened together and two different  mechanical couplings. This makes the precision of the ensemble a matter of luck most of the cases.

The Leitax mount will be screwed on top of the Leica-R original mount. This way, even the heaviest Leica-R lens will be as solid in your Canon camera as any Canon lens. The mount is made in one piece and the mechanical precision is not compromised.

The Leitax mount on sale here is appropriate for Leica-R lenses with six or ten holes at the original bayonet. If you have a lens with eight holes at the bayonet or the Vario-Elmarit 35-70/2.8 Macro lens, please contact me before ordering.

Our Leitax mount will trigger the AF switch in 1D series bodies.

There is a convenient flat surface in our mount to glue an electronic chip if desired. This chip will enable the focus confirmation light in the viewfinder.

Your Canon camera can meter and adjust the correct exposure in A and M modes with adapted Leica-R lenses.

The Leica-R lenses will focus to infinity and will maintain the aperture click stops. After checking many models, we have found differences at the point they focus to infinity, so our bayonet is measured to focus to infinity with all of them. Thus, maybe some units will reach even beyond infinity, in this case turning back the focusing ring just half millimeter is enough.

It is very easy to have the hard stop of the focus ring to be exactly at infinity: shimming the Leitax mount, because our mount is just screwed on top of the original Leica-R mount.


Questions?     info@leitax.com

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Some Leica-R lenses can hit the mirror of the Full Frame Canon cameras with the rear barrel/protection of the lens.

This has been discussed in the past for the adapter solution in many forums and it is specially well explained at the Pebbleplace site.

You can find a list of compatible Leica-R lenses there.

The Leitax mount for Canon fits perfectly over the original Leica-R bayonet, we provide six new longer screws to attach solidly our mount on the Leica-R lens.

But I recommend to remove only five screws on the Leica-R lens. This way the original Leica-R bayonet will never lose the correct position on the lens, and there is no risk to have the small internal ball bearing out of place.

Please take a look at these instructions:


- You can see pictures taken with Leica-R lenses with modern digital cameras at the Leitax group at Flickr.

- Caution! The following lenses use screws of different diameter, so the standard diameter screws provided with my bayonet will not work. Please let me know if you want to use one of these lenses and I will send you additional thinner screws:

        - Summilux 50/1.4 E60
        - Summilux 35/1.4  
        - Apo-Elmarit 180/2.8
        - Vario-Elmarit 28-90/2.8-4.5
        - Vario-Elmar 21-35/3.5-4
        - Vario-Elmarit
35-70/2.8 ASPH
        - Vario-APO-Elmarit 70-180/2.8
        - Vario-Elmarit 105-280/4.2
        - Apo-Telyt-R Focus-Modules
        - Apo-Extender-R  2x and 1.4x ROM

- Caution! Most of the Leica-R lenses with ten screws at the base of the mount can use our standard bayonet with six holes, But some Leica-R Zoom lenses use longer screws at the standard six hole positions, for example:

      - Vario-Elmar 21-35/3.5-4.0 ASPH
      - Vario-Elmarit 28-90/2.8-4.5 ASPH

I was offering special longer screws to use the Leitax bayonet on these lenses. But now, the longer screws are discontinued by Leica and now I'm offering a new ten holes bayonet. This way, you can use our normal (or thinner) replacement screws at the positions where these lenses have the shorter screws (4 mm)

- New! The Vario-Elmarit 35-70/2.8 ASPH lens has a special mount and only two of the screw positions of our  standard mount will coincide, so I designed a special bayonet for this lens, that can use five screws and will make  this lens to be rock-solid on your Canon camera.

- New! I've checked the Vario-Elmar 80-200/4 ROM, this lens is fine with our standard six hole bayonet, just use again the four longer screws on the Leitax bayonet and two of the provided screws at the top and bottom positions.

- Caution! The Canon 1d series need to install a chip on the Leitax bayonet to work at all. If you wish to use these cameras without a chip, let me know. I will make a special version for you.

- New! To use the Vario-Elmarit 28-90/2.8-4.5 ASPH on a full frame Canon Camera,  it is necessary to remove the plastic shroud at the rear of the lens to avoid hitting the mirror, and install the special kit for this lens on sale here.

- New! I've improved the design of this model: now it is covering the shinny clear metal of the Leica mount with a flat black painted rim. No reflexions inside the camera means no flares.

- New! The 16 holes bayonet  will allow you to rotate the Leica-R lenses in any position around the Canon camera mount in 45 degrees steps. Caution!  some lenses rear glass protections may hit the mirror of your camera in other than 12 o'clock position.

- New!  You can have auto-aperture simulation on your Canon camera with a Leica-R lens, just combining the new Leica-Nikon mount with the Nikon-Canon mount for Leica-R lenses converted to Nikon.

- New!  For the Vario-Elmar 80-200, I can send you an accessory to have the focusing ring hard stop at the precise infinity position.

You can order the Leica-Canon bayonet here, remember that even if your lens has ten holes at the bayonet base, it doesn't mean it needs a ten holes Leitax bayonet (although it will work), please check which lenses use this mount  up in this page.

- The registered mail service is extremely slow these days. If you need the Leitax mounts fast or you have a deadline I'd recommend the courier option.

canon bayonet, no adapter This is our standard Canon EOS bayonet for Leica-R lenses.

Also included six replacement screws

Please take a look at the instructions

New !
New model with the zero play design, much better grip on the camera, good for cine.

71 Euro

And this is the ten holes bayonet, it is only necessary for several Leica zoom lenses that use very long screws at the standard six screw positions, and you'll need to use the extra four positions.
It can be used on all Leica-R lenses, because it has the standard six hole positions too.

Also included six  replacement screws.

Out of stock
63 Euro

This is the 16 holes bayonet.

It will allow you to rotate all Leica-R lenses to any angular position around the Canon camera mount in 45 degrees steps.

Also included six replacement screws.

This model works also for the lenses that require a 10 holes mount.

Caution!  some lenses rear glass protections may hit the mirror of your camera in other than 12 o'clock position.

This is the special mount for the Leica Vario Elmarit-R Asph 35-70/2.8 lens.

It has different screw positions and will make this lens to be rock-solid on your Canon camera.

Included six replacement screws.

- Instructions for this lens only
Out of stock
65 Euro

Leitax for 28-90 on Canon

This is the Leitax kit to use the Leica-R Vario-Elmarit  28-90mm ASPH on Canon 5D, 6D, 1D and 1Ds cameras without danger of  hitting the mirror.

- Here the instructions for this kit
Out of stock
125 Euro

This is the special Leitax mount and ring that  allows to use the Leica-R lenses that have been already converted to Nikon with a Leitax mount.

This model uses the rotatable version of the Leitax mount for Canon.

Please take a look at the special instructions
72 Euro
This is the last version of the Dandelion chip for Canon.

- Exif data programmable.
- Focus confirm point adjustment.
- How to glue the chip.
- Programming instructions
- How to put the chip in program mode
Out of Stock
19 Euro
Canon focus confirmation chip You can have your Leitax mount with the Dandelion chip already glued on it.

This price includes a chip and installation on the Leitax mount of your choice.
Out of Stock
24 Euro

You can have your Leitax mount with the latest Optix V7 chip already glued on it.

The price includes a chip and the installation on the Leitax mount of your choice.

- Programming instructions
Out of stock
44 Euro
The Leitax template simulates the mirror movement of a 5D or 6D camera.
With it, you can check if your adapted lens will hit the mirror of your camera without any risk of damage.

Template instructions
25 Euro
80-200 clip For the Vario-Elmar 80-200, I can send you a plastic clip to have the focusing ring hard stop at the precise infinity position.

Clip instructions
15 Euro
This is the glue I use, it is strong and will not stick your fingers at once.
7 Euro
Canon body cap This is our Canon-EF body cap. A Leitax Hermetic original design.

It is made in aluminum for maximum protection, and it has a greased rubber O-ring that will seal the camera from water splashes and dust.

Black color out of Stock
48 Euro
Canon cap You may need a generic Canon EOS rear lens cap.
3 Euro
Canon Body Cap Or a generic Canon EF body cap. 3 Euro
Techcap But, if you want the best, I can offer now the OP/TECH USA cap.

-It has a rubber O-Ring that seals the lens from dust and moisture.

-The O-ring also forms tight friction, it will avoid losing the cap.

-It covers the entire bayonet diameter, providing more protection against blows and scratches.
Out of stock
9 Euro

I use this model for all the Phillips screws in the Leica and Zeiss lenses, it is industrial grade quality made by Irazola, and the design is very good, you can push and turn it firmly with the rotary end and the rubber finish.

9 Euro
 Now you can buy an additional bearing ball and the spring that goes below it.

The spring is an original Leica part.
The bearing ball  has the precise tolerances to work fine on your Leica-R lens. This is important, a regular ball from the hardware store could get stuck into the barrel hole.

Original Leica
Max. two pieces
4 Euro
Extra shipping cost for fast courier service.

 I will need your phone number for the courier shipping form.


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