Leitax mount

This is what you receive from Leitax, a bayonet and six longer screws.

Caution! The following lenses use screws of different diameter.

- Summilux 50/1.4 E60
- Summilux 35/1.4  
- Apo-Elmarit 180/2.8
- Vario-Elmar 21-35/3.5-4

Please let me know if you want to use one of these lenses and I will send you additional thinner screws.


I recommend to remove five screws from the standard six hole  Leica-R bayonet.

This way, there is no risk to displace the original Leica-R bayonet.

We don't remove the original Leica-R mount, just the five screws. Then, the new Leitax mount will sit on top of the original Leica mount.


I use to leave the screw that will be at the lower side of the lens when mounted on the camera.

Most lenses with ten screws have four longer extra screws that will hold the mount, so you can remove the six shorter standard ones with no danger.
You will use the standard six hole mount on most of these lenses,  

The lenses that need the ten hole Leitax bayonet are:

- Vario-Elmarit 28-90/2.8-4.5
- Vario-Elmar 21-35/3.5-4

On these two, you have to remove the four screws at the additional positions only.
On Top Now place the Leitax bayonet on top of the original bayonet

...and screw it with the provided longer screws.
O-ringIf you have purchased the Leitax mount version with Zero-Play design, then you have also received this o-ring.
o-ring installationThis is how I put the O-ring on the Leitax mount.
plastic toolWith the plastic tool , it is easy to bring the O-ring to its place.
Leica lensReady, now this lens will have no play on the camera.
removingWhen you want to remove the Leitax mount, first you'd have to remove the O-ring, I use a small flat screwdriver to catch it.

And now you can use your Leica-R lens on your Canon camera.

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