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nses too.

We sell replacement mounts to use Nikkor,Voigtlander SL II and Zeiss ZF lenses on Sony cameras.

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Welcome to Leitax. This is our Voigtlander-Sony/Minolta page.  We offer this new replacement Leitax bayonet to use Nikon-F mount Voigtlander SL II, classic Zeiss ZF-ZF.2, Milvus and Otus ZF.2 and Nikkor manual lenses ( the ones that can operate the aperture ring with the mount removed) on our Sony or Minolta bodies.

-This conversion is fully reversible and will not damage either the lens or the camera.

-This replacement mount is ready to install the appropriate chip on it. And, additionally, I will offer this mount with a chip already installed. When the lens has the proper chip, our Sony camera will display the focus confirmation light, will meter in Aperture priority mode and will enable  the Super Steady Shot.

-The converted lenses will focus to infinity and will maintain the aperture click stops. 

-With adapted lenses, I use the stop-down method in A mode. First, set the widest aperture on the Sony camera, now, with the lens diaphragm wide open, focus first, and then chose the aperture in the lens ring for metering.

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Milvus on Sony
Otus for Sony-A

- To have the Super Steady Shot system working properly, you'd have to order the correct chip for the lens you are going to use, with the max. aperture and focal length of your Leica lens recorded in it. 

- To glue yourself the electronic chip, just support it to the left or to the right in the precisely machined slot on our Leitax Leica-Sony bayonet, depending of the chip model (take a look at the pictures below).

- The Leitax bayonet also accepts simpler chip models that you can find in Ebay.

- The Sony cameras can also take pictures without the chip. In Manual mode, just turn the control wheel to set the speed and you will see the scale in the viewfinder showing the current exposure value.
- In A mode, the camera will choose the correct speed when you rotate the aperture ring of the lens. 

- Without the chip, we don't have focus confirmation and the anti-shake works for 50mm default value.

Zeiss ZF on Sony - NEW! This very same mount will work on classic Zeiss ZF - ZF.2 and new Milvus and Otus ZF.2 lenses too.

For these lenses, you'd have to order the correct chip (the thinner model -M42C) to James Lao:

-- The Zeiss Makro-Planar 2/100mm ZF and ZF.2  have the bayonet screws in different position. Therefore the lens will stay in the Sony camera slightly displaced.

-- If you want to convert the Zeiss 25/2, 100/2, 135/2 or 35/1.4 ZF/ZF2 lenses, please ask for special screws.

-- Also, please check and let me know the original screws length of your Milvus and Otus lenses, so I will send the correct ones for the Leitax mount.

Nikon-Sony This bayonet can be used  on many Nikkor lenses without CPU.

For these lenses, you'd have to order the correct chip (the thinner model -M42C) to James Lao:

- Caution! If you cannot operate the aperture ring of a Nikkor lens when you have removed its mount, then the lens is not compatible.

The Nikkor 20/2.8, 55/1.2 and 50/1.2  lenses are not compatible with this Leitax mount.

You can order the Voigtlander-Sony (Zeiss ZF/ZF.2- Sony)  bayonet here.
- The registered mail service is reliable but the delivery time is not very fast or even regular. If you need the Leitax mounts fast or you have a deadline I'd recommend the courier option.

Sony bayonet, no adapter This is the standard Sony bayonet for Voigtlander SL-II and Zeiss ZF-ZF2 lenses that have originally a Nikon-F mount.

Also includes the necessary screws.

 Installation Instructions

Leitax mount for:

- Voigtlander SLII
- Classic Zeiss ZF-ZF.2
- Milvus- Otus ZF.2
- Nikkor manual lenses (not all)

65 Euro

If you already have your own chip and hesitate to install it on your own, you can send it to me.

Please warn me about this in the Paypal payment text box for instructions to merchant
Free service
This is the glue I use, it is strong and will not stick our fingers at once.
7 Euro
Sony cap You may need a generic Sony/Minolta rear lens cap.
2 Euro
Techcap But, if you want the best, I can offer now the OP/TECH USA Sony/Minolta cap.

-It has a rubber O-Ring that seals the lens from dust and moisture.

-The O-ring also forms tight friction, it will prevent from losing the cap.

Out of stock
9 Euro

With certain models, we'll have to manipulate inside the lens, it's not a good place for something metallic. With this plastic tool I don't make any scratches inside the lenses.
3 Euro

I use this model for all the Phillips screws in the Voigtlander lenses, it is industrial grade quality made by Irazola, and the design is very good, you can push and turn it firmly with the rotary end and the rubber finish.

9 Euro
bayonet replacement, no adapter If you don't feel confident after reading the instructions, you can send your Voigtlander lens to me.

 Notice this price doesn't include the bayonet nor shipping.
50 Euro
Extra shipping cost for fast courier.
I would need your phone number for the courier shipping form.


Important Paypal Notes:

- We ship to all Paypal supported countries.
I must ship to the address supplied to me by Paypal. I cannot ship to any alternative addresses.
- 21% VAT Tax will be charged by Paypal system to European Union customers
- In case you have a valid intra-community VAT number, please include it at the Paypal text for the seller,  I will refund the Vat Tax amount via Paypal.
- If you don't receive my email after a purchase, it means Paypal failed to notify me,  this happens rarely. Please email me if you don't get my confirmation note.
- Customers outside the European Union may be have to pay import duties.
- If you don't have a Paypal account, it is possible to pay with a SWIFT Bank Transfer or Western Union transfer.


- Due to strict security, the postal service to the US can take several weeks, US customers please consider the courier option.
- Handling & Shipping cost for any quantity of items and to all countries: 10 Euros. It will be added automatically at the Paypal checkout.