This is the current version of the Elmarit 19/2.8.

Here you can see the three cams.

First, remove the three black screws, it is very useful to hold the lens upside down at the moment when the screw is going to fall, a soft fabric on the table will avoid you to lose them.

If you have a ROM model, please don't unscrew the two contact's strip screws.

Now, lift the black shroud, better don't use the fingers, you could touch the lens by accident. With the plastic tool, you will not make any scratch .

Now it's easy to take it out, notice the shroud is not a complete ring as usual, the other small piece
attached with the third black screw, just fell on the table before.

And now, unscrew the bayonet.

And remove it.

If your lens have ROM contacts, they will remain attached to the bayonet.

Find the small steel ball and save it in secure place.

now unscrew and remove the two clear metal cams.

If you have a ROM lens, you don't need to remove anything.

These are the two removed cams and the spacer of one of them.

Replace the small bearing ball, first put some grease in its hole and on it.

Now we can install the new Leitax bayonet, the red dot goes near the lens scale center.
Sony A900

And we can use this lens on
APS-sized sensor Nikon cameras, Full Frame Sony and  Pentax cameras

And, after a bit of shaving, also on Full Frame Nikon cameras.
Please take a look below.
D3Our customer and friend Henry made a bit of shaving on this lens to be able to use it on his D3.
1As you can see, it is just a little bit.
2Another view of the work.

I would recommend you to paint the exposed metal in flat black with the convenient marker from Micro-Tools
3A closer view.
infinityAnd this is a picture focusing to infinity with his Nikon D3.

I would like to thank again Henry for showing us how to use this impressive lens on full frame Nikon cameras.
2Another great Sample from Henry.

The current Elmarit 19/2.8 is working very well on his Nikon D3.
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