Summicron 90

This is the Leitz Canada Summicron 90, one of the easiest to work with.

First, unscrew the six screws from the mount.
Lift bayonet

Now just lift the mount.
Search the ball

Look for the small ball, in this case is in it's place.

I think the best is now to remove the ball and save it in a secure place,
I  use the tip of my screwdriver with some of the special non dropping grease.

Unscrew the cams

Unscrew only the two sloped clear metal cams and the spacer/s under the one showed in the picture.


This is what it needs to be removed.
In place again

Now put the small ball in its place again, and leave some grease on it,
This is necessary to make it work better, and also to glue it there.
Screw mount

Install the Leica-Pentax or the Leica-Nikon bayonet, the red dot in front the scale center for Pentax, and slightly to the right for Nikon.

When all is firmly screwed, check if the diaphragm ring
"clicks" properly, if not, remove the mount and check if the small ball is in its place.
Self portrait

And this is our Summicron self portrait working on a Pentax camera.

The Summicron 90/2 will clear the mirror on Full Frame Nikon cameras.

Please take a look at this portrait :
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