This is the Leica 2x Apo-Extender with ROM contacts.

Unfortunately, it is more difficult and expensive to convert than the non ROM model.

First, unscrew the black shroud small screws.

Help yourself with the plastic tool to remove it.

it is not possible, we have to unscrew the bayonet

and moving a bit the bayonet we can free the shroud

But the ROM strip is attached to the interiors with a flat cable

So we have to unscrew the ROM contacts strip.

Which is not enough, there is a plastic piece that holds the cable too.

I've removed that piece too, but may be it is  not necessary after all.

The flat cable could pass between the plastic piece and the bayonet moving it a bit.

As you can see here, the Leica bayonet has a extra machining to avoid pressing the flat cable

So I had to machine one of my Leitax bayonets to  save the cable, also made the internal diameter bigger to make room for the ROM strip.

Our ROM APO-Extender is now ready to be used in Nikon cameras.

This extra work can be made on the Leitax bayonets for other brands.

Leica lenses can be used now attached to it.

I would recommend you to find a non ROM Apo-Extender, so you could use the standard Leitax bayonet.

If you have this model already, please contact me for an estimate of the special work
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