This is the Visoflex 14127 adapter to Leica-R cameras.

It has aperture ring...

..that operates this cam, I guess to tell to a Leica-R camera which F-stop is the Visoflex lens using.

Let's unscrew the original bayonet.

And remove it.

Look for the small bearing ball, this time it remained sticked at the bayonet.

But we cannot unscrew this cam as usual, because it is made from one piece together with the internal aperture ring.
To use this adapter on a Nikon and Sony cameras, we need to remove that cam.
Pentax and Sigma cameras can use a Leitax bayonet directly.

First, lift the aperture ring.
Now, unscrew the two fasteners that you can see at those long windows.
And lift the internal aperture ring, help yourself with the plastic tool to push it up.
Now we can remove this ring.
Save all the small parts.

Now put again the aperture ring in its place and screw a Leitax mount.

Now, without the cam, we can use the standard Leitax bayonet for Nikon and Sony cameras.

Pentax and Sigma users will not need to remove the cam.
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