This is the 3 cam Fisheye-Elmarit 16/2.8

Here you can see the cams...

First, we have to remove the black shroud with the flat screwdriver.

Put this slot in front the aperture lever to remove the shroud.

Now, unscrew the original Leica-R mount

And lift it.

Look for the small bearing ball, sometimes it is glued to the mount.

Time to remove the two slopped cams.

This is the other, please don't remove the black one.
Only these are removed.
Now we can put the small bearing ball in place, I always put a bit of grease in its hole first.
And we can install the Leitax mount.
And use the original screws to attach it to the lens.
Ready, we can use this lens on the Nikon, Pentax and Sony cameras with APS-sized sensors,

The Sony cameras with full frame sensor perhaps can use it too, I don't know yet.
New! I've checked this lens on my Sony A99, no problem.
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