I would like to thank our client and friend Jakob for the following pictures

This is the Telyt 250/4 

It is a 3-cam lens.

With the new Leitax mount model, you can reuse the black tube to avoid flares, take a look here.

Unscrew and remove the original Leica bayonet, find the small bearing ball and save it for the moment.

Now unscrew and remove the two bright metallic cams, but not the black one.
Also save the shims that are now free.
These are the removed cams.

Put again the small ball in place and add a bit of grease on it.
And just screw the standard Leitax bayonet and your Telyt will be ready for your modern DSLR.

This is the first picture that Jakob took with the Telyt on his D700.

I would like to thank him again for his pictures and help.
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