This is how we will preserve the tube shroud on a Leitax mount. These instructions complete the ones we have for the Leica-R lenses with a tube-like shroud
Instructions valid for the Leica-Nikon
new mounts from January 23th, 2012
Also valid for Leica-Pentax new mounts from October 1rst, 2012
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Before removing the original mount, we have to mark on the tube the top position of the lens.

When the mount is out, we can disassemble the tube.

This is the mark we did.

Now continue the mark to the outside of the tube.

Some older tubes are made of metal and they are not so flexible, perhaps it will be necessary to file the "wings" edges to make them fit on the Leitax mount,

Or the gap where the nose-like aperture lever has to pass through.

I like to paint in flat black all the shinning spots.

The marker is from micro-tools shop.

In case of this plastic tube, it was not necessary to file it.

Now let's put the tube on the special groove that the new design of the Leitax mounts have.

As you can see, the mark we did  goes on top of the mount, that is the hole in the middle of the three upper ones.

With the tube in place, let's mark where the three "wings" go.

So we can put glue on the correct places.

To make this work reversible, better use a not too strong glue.

With plastic tubes I recommend contact cement glue. With metal tubes I'd use my NEXUS glue (it is a sort of superglue but slower).

Using contact cement glue you have to spread it on both parts.

And when the contact cement glue is almost dry, we can put the tube in place.

Of course, the NEXUS glue works differently.


This is important, never push the tube to help the glue work. You can break the "wings"

Much better to push directly on the "wings" with a plastic tool against the mount.

Ready, as soon the glue is cured and no fumes can go to the glass, we can install the Leitax mount following the instructions of each lens.

The shroud can become disattached if the cam or lever of the lens hit on it.
To protect the shroud against these hits, I'd recommend to install the hard stops for the aperture ring too.

And this is the final result, Now the Leitax mount is working as the Leica designers intended.

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