I would like to thank all the encouraging words I've been receiving from my clients in the short time the Sony/Minolta mounts are in the market, thanks specially to those who found a moment to take a picture of their camera and sent it to me.
I wanted you to know that I love the Summilux-R 50 f/1.4 on my Sony A99. Thanks!

Cindy from the USA

Hi David,

Just completed the conversion (elmarit macro 60mm R) for the Sony. 
Probably the best quality pictures on the 24+meg full frame sensor 
Impressed with the quality of your mount. You will probably hear from 
me (maybe some friends) again.

David from Australia.

The Super-Angulon works fantastic thanks

Hello David,
thank you for the bayonet including the chip. I converted my Leica APO Extender 2x. The chip is James Laot´s M42C-L4 for 4 lenses. So I can use Super Steady Shot with the extender and 4 different lenses. It works fine.
I have attached 2 pictures of my Sony A900 with the Leica extender and 2 lenses.
I will order more Leitax bayonets very soon.
Kind regards,
Günter from Germany

¡Hola David!

Some sample photos of my lenses for you David, feel free to use them. They are shot with my small Leica and quality is ok for web. 

I am heading out the door to shoot some real life samples with them - will be good fun!

Best regards,
Henrik from Sweden

Hi David,

I got the bayonet and tools on Monday. No problems with conversion. Very good workmanship and I have perfect infinity focus.

Ayler from England


I attach several photos re the Leica R lenses I have mounted on the Sony Alpha a900: 135:F2.8; 100:F2.8; and 180 F3.4


Bob from the USA

Robert sent these samples 1 2 3  taken with the APO-macro 100/2.8

Hi David,
leica R-sony mount  arrived
two days ago.

the lens which I did not use
for a while revived with
digital, it is very thanks.

I send the photos of the sony camera with Summilux 80mm f1.4., photographed it experimentally yesterday.
Yasushi  from Thailand
Sony Summicron Hi David !

Thanks for the Leica mount for Sony.
Congratulation for a very good manufacturing quality.

Christian from France

I just received the bayonet and modified my 100mm F2.8 Macro lens.
The lens is working very well.

from the United States.

Hi David,
I have attached 2 photos of the conversions I have done last week.

Many thanks and regards

Michael from
South Africa

When I found your site, I was happy.The converter is very important to me.
I have leica 100 macro lens.
It is very excellent but I can't use it through Sony body.
I really love the lens.
Thank you again for making this good product.

I'm glad I can send this e-mail.
I got Leitax today and followed the manual of your site.
At last I did it!

And I send you the Sony and Leitax pictures.
I'm so glad I can help you.

Kyung from South Korea
Hola David,

Esta tarde he montado la bayoneta, todo perfecto.
Muchas gracias por tu gran trabajo, un saludo,

Juanjo from Spain
Hallo David,

This has everything working well.
Guide on the Internet, the assembly was explained well and thoroughly.
Thanks for the quick delivery.
the lens works fine on the camera A230!

Christof from Germany
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