This is the Vario-Apo-Elmarit 2.8/70-180 .

To my surprise, it is build like a prime. So there is no problem to use a Leitax bayonet.


As you can see here, it uses a ten hole bayonet.
Also you can see the ROM contacts in this picture.

First, we have to unscrew the black shroud.
Remember to turn upside down the lens when the screws are about to fall, so they will fall on the table.
Did you put a soft fabric on the table?

Now use the plastic tool to lift the shroud, never the fingers, it is amazing how easily you can leave a fingerprint on the lens by accident.

When the shroud is well away the rear glass, you can take it with the fingers and remove it

Now, unscrew the Leica bayonet.

And remove it.


And this is the surprise, unlike the other Zoom ROM lenses I've worked before, this one have the chip attached to the bayonet, like the prime lenses.
So, no problem to use a Leitax bayonet.

The small bearing ball remains at its place

Just put a bit of special grease on it and we are ready to install the Leitax bayonet.


First screw the four longer screws loosely
Then the rest of smaller screws.
And tight them a bit one after another in cross pattern.


So we can use this fabulous lens on Nikon, Sony, Pentax and Sigma cameras
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