APO-Summicron 90

I've bought a new APO-Summicron to check the issue that prevents it to use the Leitax bayonet.
This is the lens, perhaps the best portrait lens ever made.

It is a ROM model.
black screws

First, I will remove the shroud small black screws, to prevent any screw to fall inside the lens, just put the lens upside down when the screw is going to liberate, it will fall on the table. It is advisable to put a soft fabric on the table.

Now lift this side of the shroud with the plastic tool.

And remove it this way.


This is what it needs to be removed.
bayonet screws

Now unscrew the bayonet.
remove bayonet
And just lift it vertically to remove it.

The small bearing ball is in its place.
grease A new lens has enough fresh grease on it, but I've put some in the ball's hole and on the ball too.
screw There is an aperture lever than collides with the standard Leitax  bayonet.

So I made an special edition of bayonets for this lens model.

Now we can use this lens on Pentax and Nikon F mount cameras..
(and Sony and Sigma too...)

This lens has very tight tolerances at the focus ring, and it is very sensitive to micro-deformations in the barrel.
When screwing the Leitax bayonet, please
tight the screws progressively and test the smoothness of the focus ring.

This lens has a big diameter rear glass that will hit the Dandelion chip at infinity.
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