This is the PA-Curtagon 35/4 perspective control lens.

Thanks to our client and friend Wolfgang, we can take a look at the conversion to Nikon mount of this lens.

It is very easy, just unscrew and remove the original Leica bayonet.

There is a black spacer that has machined a cam and a lever.

Due to this cam and lever, it is necessary to use our special bayonet for Telyt 400/6.8 with this lens in case you have a Nikon or Sony camera.

The standard bayonet is fine for Pentax and Sigma.

So, that spacer can go to its place again , and just screw the correct Leitax bayonet on top.

Here you can see a ten holes bayonet, but it is not necessary, this is a six holes lens.


Now we can use this great lens on our Nikon, Sony, Pentax or Sigma cameras
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