NEW! it is possible to use this lens on Nikon and Sony cameras without any surgery.

This is the Telyt 400/6.8 lens, a really excellent and not too heavy lens.

These instructions are valid for the 560/6.8 version too.

It is made in two pieces.

We have to work on the bayonet side.
First remove the Leica mount.

This lens has a non removable cam, which impedes to use the standard Leica-Nikon and Leica-Sony bayonets.

No problem for the  Leitax mounts for Pentax and Sigma.

And now, I can offer special versions of the Leitax mount for Nikon and Sony to use this lens without doing any surgery on it.

But lenses newer than head number 2380541 can have different cams that will not be compatible with this special Leitax for Nikon and Sony mount.
Please check your lens, has it  the same cam as in these instructions pictures?
Telyt on Pentax.
On Fuji and Nikon.

NEW! it is possible to convert this lens to autofocus with the
Nikon TC -16A
And for Sony cameras.
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