This is the Vario-Elmar 4.2/105-280 .

Our client and friend Michael from South Africa was so kind to share these pictures with us.

To my surprise, it is build like a prime. So there is no problem to use a Leitax bayonet.

As you can see here, it uses a ten hole bayonet.
Also you can see the ROM contacts in this picture.

First, we have to unscrew the black shroud.
Remember to turn upside down the lens when the screws are about to fall, so they will fall on the table.

Now we can remove the Leica-R bayonet.

And this is the good news, the ROM chip is attached to the Leica-R bayonet

So, no problem for using a regular ten holes Leitax bayonet.

This lens has a R-cam thicker than usual, like the Apo-Summicron 180/2
Michael removed the R-cam, as the regular Leitax bayonet will not fit.

(this problem is only for Nikon and Sony bayonets)

But this implies to remove the long black tube, which is  better to leave it.
If you wish, I can machine a special diameter bayonet for this lens.

Removed pieces.

In some lenses, the aperture lever has a slightly different position than usual, and interferes with the Leitax bayonet

To allow it to move freely, a bit of filing at the Leitax bayonet is enough.

Of course, I don't recommend to cut the lever off.

Just put a bit of special grease on the small bearing ball and we are ready to install the Leitax bayonet.

So we can use this fabulous lens on Nikon, Sony, Pentax and Sigma cameras.

And this is the first picture Michael took with his Sony A850 camera and this excellent Leica zoom lens.
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