summicron 35

This is the Summicron 35mm, one of the most appreciated lenses in Leica forums
3 cams

It is a 3 cams model
descargolar negres

First, remove these 3 black screws

Push the black shroud at this side, so you can lift the other side.
treure cover

This way, it can be removed

Now unscrew the bayonet
bayoneta fora

And remove it.
busca la boleta

Look for the small ball, sometimes, it remains sticked to the bayonet, put it in safe place for now.
descargolar cams

Unscrew the clear metal cams.
retirar cams

Remove them.
2 cams

This is what is removed.

Now we can replace the small ball, and leave a bit of special grease with it.
a lloc

Ball in place

Install the Leica-Pentax or the Leica-Nikon bayonet, the red dot in front the scale center for Pentax, and slightly to the right for Nikon.

The Summicron is ready for Pentax and Nikon Digital cameras.

This lens was in theory  going to hit  the FX cameras mirror , but , recently  I had confirmation of the contrary, there is no mirror  problem.

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