Summicron 50mm 2cams

This is a classic, the Summicron 50mm 2 cams.
2 cams

Here you can see the two cams.
cargols negres

First, remove the three black screws
lift the shroud

Now, lift the black shroud, better don't use the fingers, you could touch the lens by accident.

Now it's easy to take it out.
desargolar bayoneta

Unscrew the bayonet.
remove bayonet

And remove it.
localitzar boleta

Search the small steel ball and save it in secure place.

Since it is a two cams lens, these are identical, so we have to mark them and take a picture for the position.
descargolar cams

Now you can unscrew them.

Store each cam with its own spacers, so we can replace them where they were.
cams fora

This is what was removed, cam number two had no spacers in this lens.
boleta amg greix

Time for replace the small ball, add a little bit of special grease on it.
boleta a lloc

Here is where the small ball belongs.
posar bayoneta

Install the Leica-Pentax or the Leica-Nikon bayonet, the red dot in front the scale center for Pentax, and slightly to the right for Nikon.

camera Pentax

Summicron ready for Pentax, Sony Alpha or Nikon cameras.
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