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This is the Summilux 35/1.4

This one is the 3-cam version.

We have to remove the black shroud first.


And now,  remove the screws of the  original Leica-R mount.

Lifting the mount.

Pay attention to the small bearing ball, sometimes it remains glued to the mount.

Now, we have to remove the two slope shaped cams.

The ROM version of this lens doesn't need to remove any cam.

I use to put some grease in the hole where the small bearing ball goes.
And the plastic tool with some grease to bring the ball to the lens.
This is the place.
Now just install the Leitax mount , pay attention to make coincide the holes for the screws.
This one is the version for Sony cameras.
Ready, there is no problem to use this lens on full frame Sony cameras.

But the Nikon full frame cameras will hit the mirror with the rear side of this lens. It would be necessary to file it.
One of my clients kindly sent these pictures to share the way he filed the lens rear side.
First, protect the glass with a piece of plastic.
Sealing the lens to avoid any metal particles going inside.

I would use paper masking tape instead. To avoid glue residues.
This is the result.
This is a picture from another client.
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