Elamrit 24

This is the Elmarit 24mm , a Minolta design made by Leica in Germany 
3 cams model

It is a 3 cams model
descargolar negres

First, we have to remove the three black shroud screws
treure coberta

This shroud can be easily removed now.
descargolar bayoneta

Now unscrew the six bayonet screws
treure bayoneta

Just lift the bayonet to remove it.
boleta localitzada

Find the small ball, here it remain at its place. It's better to remove it and keep it in safe place, I use my screwdriver's point with some grease to catch it, never the tweezers.
decargolar lleves

Unscrew and remove the clear metal cams only
lleves fora

This is what is removed
boleta cap al lloc

Now replace the small ball on its place and leave a small amount of special grease on it.
a lloc

This is the place for the small ball
bayoneta Pentax

Install the Leica-Pentax or the Leica-Nikon bayonet, the red dot in front the scale center.

The Leica-Nikon bayonet has the red dot slightly more to the right than the one at the picture.
pentax camera

Ready, this lens on Pentax camera
Intrusion Bad news, this lens protrudes 9.04mm inside the Pentax body at infinite position, and the mirror will hit the rear element.
Checked the Canon forums, they have found two solutions, shaving the lower edge of the mirror, or grinding the rear element mount.

NEW!  there is no problem for Pentax K20D camera, the following applies only for istD.
Els dos 24mm Bought another lens to confirm my measures.
I need to reduce this clearance to 8.74mm maximum on the istD, so this is the reduction done.


 is before grinding

And this is the result, now this lens doesn't hit the istD mirror at infinite.

This lens will clear the mirror of Nikon APS sized sensor without any modification.

But not the Full Frame Nikon cameras, even shaved.
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