This is the Leica-R Vario-Elmar 70-210/4
3-cams lens.

The bayonet side.....
as you can see, it is a 3-cams lens.

First, unscrew the black shroud and remove it.

Help yourself with the plastic tool.

Now you can take it with the fingers.

And unscrew the bayonet

When removing the bayonet, check for the small bearing ball, this time it remained sticked to the bayonet.

And now unscrew only the clear metal two cams.

This is what we have to remove.

Better to put a bit of grease in the hole where the small ball goes.

And bring the small ball.

Ball in place.
Now we can install the Leitax bayonet, pay attention to the red dot, it goes near the lens scale center.
And we can screw it using the same original Leica screws that we removed before.
Now we can use it on our film or digital camera.
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