This lens is the  APO-Telyt 280/2.8
3-cam version

Thanks to the pictures of our client and friend Michael we can write the following instructions.

Unscrew the bayonet and pull it together with the black shroud.

With the new Leitax mount model, you can reuse the black tube to avoid flares, take a look here.

We have to find th
e small bearing ball and save it for now.

Now, remove the two clear cams.

And save them in the provided bag.

Now put the small ball in place with a bit of grease (look two pictures above)
 and screw the Leitax bayonet.

Ready, we can use this great lens on a modern digital or film cameras.

these are with the D3 and Leitz 280 2.8 at 3200 iso. Photos are shot wide open aperture, MANUAL focus.  :-)


Mike has a D70 too.

Shot with the Leitz 280 2.8 and the Nikon D70. iso 640/Raw file/1/1000 sec. f:4
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