This is the 3 cam Super-Elmar 15/3.5

It is a very easy one, just remove the bayonet screws...

...and remove it, the black shroud will stay attached to the bayonet, there is no need to unscrew it.
Also notice the small ball bearing that is glued by the grease at one of the aperture detents.

Now, unscrew the 1st and 2nd cam , the clear metal ones,

The 1st cam may have metal shims under it, remove them as well

The 2nd cam shares the shims with the black R-cam, you can see them at the picture, so there is no need to remove anything else.
Now put some grease in the hole where the small ball goes, and also some grease on it.

So we can screw the Leitax bayonet, in the picture, the one for Sony cameras.

Ready, we can use this lens on the Full frame Sony A900 without mirror clearance problems .
2 But for Full Frame Nikon it is necessary to shave the rear lens barrel like in the newer Elmarit 19/2.8 pictured here.
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