This is the Elmarit 90mm, first version. A really nice lens.

This version has a telescopic hood.

It is a two cams lens.

First, turn the aperture ring until the aperture lever is in front this slot.

And unscrew the bayonet.

It is easy to lift the bayonet and black shroud together.

With the new Leitax mount model, you can reuse the black tube to avoid flares, take a look here.

Check if the small bearing ball is in its place, better to save it in a secure place for now

As the two cams are identical, we have to mark them  to avoid confusions, I always mark the one next to the bearing ball as #1.

So we can save them separately with their own shims and screws.

Now replace the bearing ball, but put first a bit of special grease under it.

And we can install the new Leitax bayonet, this lens can use bayonets for Pentax, Nikon, Sigma and Sony, like the one in the picture.

Our Sony camera is ready to take pictures with this excellent Elmarit.
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