Apo-Macro 100/2.8

This is the Apo-Macro Elmarit 100/2.8 . Perhaps, the best macro lens ever made.

It is a ROM model.

This unit has the 2nd and R cams too.

First, remove these 3 black screws.
lift cover

Once removed the screws, lift the black shroud, don't use the fingers here, it is easy to leave a fingerprint on the glass.

This way, it can be removed easily, don't make any force, just find the right position.

Now, unscrew and save the ten screws.

Remove the bayonet just lifting it.
Look for the small ball, sometimes, it remains sticked to the bayonet, put it in safe place for now.
Better view of the small ball position.

Unscrew only the clear metal cam.

This is what is removed.

Install the Leica-Pentax or the Leica-Nikon bayonet, the red dot in front the scale center.


Remember the position of the screws.

And start with the four longer ones, then the rest and screw them in cross pattern, a little bit each one until they
are all  tight.

Remember that this lens needs the special edition bayonet with ten holes.

Now you can use this jewel on Pentax, Sony, Sigma and Nikon cameras.
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