This is the Leica-R Apo-Summicron 180/2

An excelent lens, but a very heavy and expensive one.
As you can see, it has an R-cam (the stepped one at two o'clock) thicker than the other Leica-R lenses.


Just removing its six screws, you can lift the original bayonet.

Note that the ROM contacts remain attached to the bayonet.
To use the Leitax bayonet for Nikon,  Sony and Pentax cameras, we had to remove the R-cam and black internal tube before.

But now I'm offering a special bayonet to avoid this.

The standard Leitax bayonet for Sigma have a bigger internal diameter and there is no need to use a special model.


After screwing the Leitax bayonet we can use this lens on our digital reflex cameras

Many thanks to our customer and friend Glade for these pictures.
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