Elmarit 180

This is the second version of the Elmarit 180/2.8.
3 cams

It is a 3 cams model.

First, remove  the black screws.
bayonet screws

Now, the bayonet screws.

Removed all.

Turning the bayonet you can find the right position to remove it.

Finally, it's free.

Both removed.

With the new Leitax mount model, you can reuse the black tube to avoid flares, take a look here.

find the ball

Find the small ball and save it in secure place.

Now, remove the clear metal cams.
the other one

This one too.

Cams out.
in place

Replace the small ball.
in place

This is the place for the small ball, please leave a little bit of special grease on it.

Install the Leica-Pentax or the Leica-Nikon bayonet, the red dot in front the scale center.

The Leica-Nikon bayonet has the red dot slightly more to the right than the one at the picture.


Leica lens ready for Pentax and Nikon cameras.
AF adapter

Thanks to the Pentax AF Adapter, now we have an Elmarit 306mm autofocus
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