I would like to thank all the encouraging words I've been receiving from my clients in the short time the Sony/Minolta mounts are in the market, thanks specially to those who found a moment to take a picture of their camera and sent it to me.
Contax Sony Hi David,

To be able to close the screen I had to cut off the hanger for the screen adjustment. In addition, I have removed from the brass discs one to have the perfect infinite Focus.
In the next time i will order two Contax/Sony Bayonets.
I'm so happy Your Bayonet is perfect.

Nice greetings
Armin from Germany
Hello David.

I received your adapter ring last Friday and installed it on the lens.
Thanks to your detailed instructions, it took only 10 minutes.
Thanks a lot for your great job!

The glass itself is fantastic - I think it's the best one I ever used.
Great sharpness, color and especially contrast. The only flaw
I noticed is slightly swirling bokeh at F2.8, but it almost completely
disappears at F4

Konstantin from Russia

Hello David.
It installed it in new Planar 1.4/50 and Distagon 2.8/28.
ROM of Minolta was turned on. 
Satsuki from Japan

The lens mount has arrived safely and my son-in-law has converted the Contax C/Y 21 F2.8/
It renders almost three-dimensional photos on the a900.

Robert from the USA

Robert sent this link with samples

Hi David,
I have attached 2 photos of the conversions I have done last week.

Many thanks and regards

Michael from
South Africa

Hi David, here are the pictures of the Distagon and Planar on my A900. I did the conversion in 10 minutes.
In normal weather conditions, the converted lenses hit infinity perfectly at the end of their throw.

Overall, I am very satisfied to be able to use these great lenses on the Sony - a perfect solution for me, thanks so very much.  I hope you will continue to provide new solutions for enthusiasts - I look forward to your future projects.

Kelly from Canada
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