Leitax Leica M  to Sony E mount instructions

This is my Leica M Elmarit 21mm F2.8

And this is the Leitax kit to install it on the Sony E cameras.

First, let's install the locking ring, note the relative positions of the two grooves.

Pay attention to the groove and holes of the locking ring in the picture, so you are not putting the ring upside down.

When the locking ring is inside the mount, we rotate it to make the two grooves coincide.

And, with this tiny metal piece linking the two grooves, the locking ring cannot rotate anymore.

Now we can put the Leitax mount in place.

If you want the Leica-M lens straight on the camera, align roughly the T of the Leitax brand over the lens index and then adjust the holes to coincide.

So we can lock the Leitax mount with the provided screws.

Don't tighten the screws too much, I use only two fingers on the screwdriver.

Here you can see the Leica-M lens straight on the camera.

But, if you want the Leica-M lens rotated 90 degrees on the camera, this is the position, with the L roughly over the red dot of the lens.

And here you can see the Leica-M lens installed at 90 degrees on the Sony E camera.

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