I would like to thank all the compliments and encouraging words I've been
receiving from my clients in the short time we are in business, specially
to those who found a moment to take a picture of their camera and sent it to me.
The conversion on the West German Planar 85/1.4 worked perfectly and the lens is now attached to my K10D. You did a great job!

Fernão from Portugal

"Hello David,
I could not wait!
Last night in ten minutes I mounted the ring at 135.
It should be a marvel and works perfectly.
Tomorrow I mount 90 mm and Monday will send photos".

Achille from Italy
You mounts are of high quality and help Pentax Fan a lot in using premium lens such as Leica R and Contax MM lenses.

Winston from Hong Kong
Hello David,

I've received the ring today.
Only 15min to do the conversion of the AE planar T* 1,7/50.
It was very simple following the instructions available online.
I love the result.
Great job David !
And thanks for your attention and good communication.

Gilles from France

"Hello David,
Finally I received bayonet and installed it successfully. I will try to make photos of my camera with Summicron in the nearest days.
Thank you very much for this possibility of use Leica-R lenses on Pentax!"

Dmitry from Russia

"What do I owe you for your invaluable assistance?
I am thoroughly amazed and more pleased with the adapter than before. The results are spectacular as I had hoped.
Thank you very much for your invaluable assistance and superb product!"

George from Canada

"Querido amigo:
Adjunto mando foto de la cámara con el objetivo leica montado.
Funciona a la perfección

José from Spain
"Thank you for possibility to use my Zeiss lenses on Pentax digital body, they are great for carefull and deliberate shouting"

Martins from Latvia
Josep Maria

"Amb molt de gust les he fet i te les envio.
SI no t'agraden i vols un altra cosa, feel free, m'ho dius.
Una abraçada."

Josep Maria from Catalonia, Spain

" I've just installed it. Everything works ok. I used it for 180/2.8 Elmarit and
it works ok. No any problem - easy assembly. The only thing that aperture ring
goes far after 2.8 - probably because of number of holes in the mount? Anyway the
lens is excellent.

Piotr from Poland
Vincent"L'utilisation sur le K20 est très agréable et les résultats excellents, à mon humble avis d'amateur non scientifique.
La capteur du K20 semble pouvoir atteindre un niveau de définition plutôt élevé."

Vincent from France

"Thanks for the speedy reply, here is the photo of the camera... The LEICA lens work brilliantly on my Pentax..."

Steve from
United Kingdom

"Just a note to let you know that I received the mount. Took me about
20 minutes following your instruction online. I now have a nice Leica
60 mm Elmarit for my Pentax K200D."

Hansen from Hawaii

"Hi David

I Just received your letter. Thanks to you very clear online explanations, it took me only 10' to set it on the 135mm MM and 15' on the 50mm AE.

Now I'm just amazed by these Carl Zeiss lens colors and contrast. I realize that all the standard Pentax lens are rubbish compared to these ones.

Thanks a lot for these hight quality bayonets."

Elie from Switzerland
BerndYesterday I received your package and 20 minutes later I took the first pictures with the Summicron 90mm mounted on my Pentax K100d. Wow, what a difference to the lenses I used before.
Thanks to your precise description on the webpage and the tools you sent, the change of the bayonet is no problem at all.

Bernd from Germany

"Hi David.
The lens has been received. With your instructions, I didn't have trouble with the conversion. "

Philippe from France


I have completed the conversion of the Leica 135/2.8, which was easy to do.

Thomas from
the United States
Hello David,

I transformed the 35mm 2,8 and the 85mm 2,8.
I am very pleased with the results. The sharpness is outstanding and the colours are incredible
I compared them to Pentax primes as 21mm 3,2 and 12-24mm zoom and the difference in quality is huge (100% crop)

Stephane from France

Hello David,

Thanks to you I can now use my Zeiss 25mm 2,8 and 50mm 1,4 on my Pentax.

I have already transformed 2 zeiss lenses: 35mm 2,8 and 85mm 2,8.

The 50mm 1,4 is outstanding at f2 and very good at 1,4
The 25mm was my favorite lens with my Contax film camera. Now it is a 
very good "35mm" in digital (but too heavy).

Thanks again,




Aucun problème d’adaptation pour ce Vario-Elmar 80-200mm.

La qualité est au rendez-vous.

Merci !

Gerard T. from France

fciao David,
mi scuso per il ritardo e ti mando le foto di un 50 summilux primo tipo sul
corpo pentax K20D acquistato da pochissimo.

Franco from Italy
1Hi David,

Apart from one tricky screw removal the conversion was simple following
your excellent instructions. The results are superb, and all this from
an 'average' Contax.
I expect that I will be back for more kit very soon.

Alan from the
United Kingdom

Hello David,
See my pretty Leica 19mm ROM on my beautiful K20D.

JianJun from China
Hi David,
Thank you for your prompt service! I am now using the Leitz-Wetzlar
Vario-Elmar.R 75-200 f 4.5 on my Pentax SFXn 
The fitting of the mount was a breeze, even though the screws are very very small!
Focus and shutter speed work fine and balance on the Pentax is good.
Your mount is possibly the best investment so far (except for the lens, which I got for nix!). So
thanks again!

All the best,
John from Adelaide
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