I would like to express my gratitude to all the clients who sent me their feedback within the short period of time the Zuiko mounts for Nikon have been in the market, thanks specially to those who found a moment to take a picture of their camera and sent it to me.

Nikon D800 Zuiko macro 90/2
Hi David,
got it, converted the 90mm, tried it, and very happy : 
Thanks a lot, best,

Damien from Germany

Hi David,

"Thanks for step by step pictures on your site, the conversion process is really easy and no hassle.  I can not wait shooting with this lens now.
I'm very happy with the product that enable me to use such a good lens on my current Nikon system.
Great product!  If I want to convert another I will definitely come back. "

Ben from New Zealand

Hello David


The modification of the 75-150 was very easy. I had not the elastic plastic you suggests in other lens, but I have cut fron glue gun sticks and seems ok. The spring can not be used cause the lever angle does not permit it to stay in place. The results are very good, the lens focus ok at infinity. Some minor backfocus may be present, but it can be corrected from the focus trimm in Nikon setup.

Dimitris from Greece

Hello David,

Parcel arrived this morning, very simple conversion. 5 Minutes and here we go.

Here are pictures from Zuiko 21/3,5 and Zuiko 35/2 on my Fuji S5.


Kind Regards,

from Germany


Done, works fine, I have attached some pictures of the lens on my Nikon D80.

The work was fairly easy to do, just don’t remove the small screws at the center  :)

Med venlig hilsen

Juhl from Denmark


Here's a couple pictures of the D90 with the 75-150mm lens attached.

So far I've been enjoying playing with the two Zuikos on my Nikon.

from the United States
Hello David,

Here are pictures of my Nikon D90 with a Olympus ZUIKO Reflex 500mm f8 and a modified Leitax Adapter.

The first pictures looks good the final test at good weather.

Best Regards,
Markus from Germany
I am successfully converted  my Zuiko 24mm 2.0 mount lens  to Nikon mount with your Leitax mount.
I followed your the Zuiko 28mm 2.0 instruction.

Best Regards

Nhan from the USA
Hello David,

I received the mounts and have now converted two of my Zuiko lenses. One 50 mm 1.4 and one 100 mm 2.8 (see attached pictures). Both seem to work
well on the D40.

Kind regards

Christian from Sweden
Hi David,

Here's the promised photo of my Olympus lens on a Nikon. Conversion was very easy (well, apart from the spring part, but that;s not too hard either) and I like this lens a lot.

Sergey from Russia

ok David

i've done the work, was just easy stuff

kindly regards out of Switzerland
Dear David,

Thank You for the prompt and quick delivery of the bayonets for above
lens. The conversion went quickly and easily.

Paul from the Netherlands

Hello David,

Here are some pictures of my Nikon D80 with the Zuiko 50mm 3.5 Macro lens attached.

The step by step photos on your site were very helpful when I was converting my Zuiko.

The adapter works great!

Best Regards,
Lauren from the USA
Hi David,

I have finished change the Nikon F mount to my Tokina ATX 150-500mm f5.6 lens which came with OM mount.

Now the lens working perfectly with my Nikon D700.

David from Honk Kong

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