This is the Vario-Sonnar 3,3-4,0/28-85 zoom lens.
Which can be as good as primes just stopping it down a bit
First, notice this curved piece on top pf the mount.

It is attached with two screws. We have to remove it.

Now we can remove the upper mount ring.

5 Caution, it is important to make a firm pressure on the screw while turning it, this will avoid spoiling the head.

Putting the lens flat on the table I make much more pressure against the screw head.

This is what is removed, later we can rebuild the original Contax mount to avoid to lose any part.

After the upper ring is removed, we can unscrew the four fasteners at the base of the mount

These are longer than other Contax lenses, we'll have to re-use them with the Leitax mount

After the four screws are removed we can lift the whole mount assembly

Have the aperture ring in a middle position before lifting it, and lift it vertically without twisting it while lifting it, to avoid moving to the extreme side the internal iris mechanism, which could be difficult to put again in its place.

Which is kept together with this screw.


To remove it, we have to separate the rubber band of the aperture ring

You may have to rotate the aperture ring to align this hole with the screw, so you can access to it.
After removing that screw, the assembly will become three pieces.
13search and save the small bearing ball.

The aperture ring has this curved lever, for Nikon and Sony conversions we have to remove it. For Pentax it is not necessary.

After removing the curved lever, these two screws will protrude too much  and will make contact with the black ring under them.

16The solution is to use here the shorter screws from this curved piece.
16Now the screws are flush and will not bring any problem.

Now we can install again this black ring.
And the aperture ring.
19Pay attention the long aperture lever is inserted in its place, so you can operate the iris rotating the aperture ring.

Put the little spring and the small bearing ball in its place with a bit of grease.
21Like this.

Now install the Leitax bayonet for Contax MM lenses on it.

The Pentax and Sony conversions will need to use the original perforated ring of the Contax mount, you can see this procedure in other Contax lens instructions.
23You have to re-use the original Contax screws with the Leitax mount.

Ready, now we can use this very good lens on Nikon, Pentax and Sony cameras.
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