Please don't hesitate to ask me any doubt regarding this conversion.

This is the Telescopic Auto Extension Tube 65-116

Designed to work with  OM Zuiko macro lenses.

The 135/4.5 macro has a long protruding rear lens barrel. So it can only be used with this tube or a bellows.

To use it on Nikon cameras, we have to replace the Tube bayonet.

First, remove the bayonet screws.

And remove it.

This button must be removed too.

We have to save these pieces in the provided plastic bag.

Use the provided screws.

Just screw the Leitax bayonet.

And this extension tube is ready to work on a Nikon-F body.

With this tube, the 135/4.5 macro lens can focus from Infinity to 1:3 magnification.
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