Please don't hesitate to ask me any doubt regarding this conversion.

Our client and friend Dimitris kindly sent these instructions to share with us all.

Remove the 3 black and the 3 silver screws. Be very careful with 3 small back not to let them drop inside the lens body, cause are very small. 

Remove the black protective plate and then remove the main OM mount.

Reassemble the OM mount with the black protective plate. Store it in safe place along with the 3 silver screws for possible future reverse modification.

Note the gold lever in the right that goes to the interior of the lens. This lever must be kept in the down position with an elastic plastic as follows:

Cut a piece of elastic plastic (the sticks used in glue guns are OK) in about 8x6x25mm. Press it gently between the lever and the gold plate as in the picture.

Paint with a black marker the top of the plastic insert and the gold plate, in order to not reflect back light to the sensor.

Assemble the Nikon mount with the 3 provided screws. The ideal is if the mount presses just a little bit the plastic insert in order to keep it stable.

Ready, the first Zuiko zoom on a Nikon camera.

Thanks to our friend Dimitris for the great pictures and text .
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