Thanks a lot to my client and friend Tsun Tam for these conversion pictures and text.
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Remounting an Olympus 35mm f/2.8 Shift Lens for Use with Nikon Cameras Tsun Tam, 2017.07.26

There are times when a particularly useful lens is not available for the camera that you have. Such is the case of the very useful Olympus 35mm f/2.8 shift lens, long discontinued but its usefulness is not.
I’ve have converted many lens using mounts provided by Leitax. Their mounts are of excellent quality and fits perfectly. For this conversion, I used the Olympus OM to Nikon mount. Photos will show important details with this conversion. The total amount of time needed is under ten minutes or less, but there are a few noted details that will help you to attain total success.
These instructions are valid for:

Zuiko OM 35/2.8
Zuiko OM 24/3.5

This is the unmodified Olympus 35mm f/2.8 shift lens. Indicated in this photo is the lens locking button which will be removed as it serves no purpose after the lens is convert to mount on Nikon cameras

This is the complete Olympus OM to Nikon lens mount kit as shipped by Leitax. For the Olympus shift lens, only the bayonet mount and the three screws are used. The other two parts are meant for other non-manual Olympus OM lenses.

For the conversion process, you’ll need a small cross-point screwdrive that fits the recesses of the three screws. After the three screws are remove, lift off the original OM mount. The lens locking button will come off with the bayonet mount. It is loose and not fastened to anything.

These are the parts that are no longer needed. You SHOULD keep them along with the three mounting screw in case you need to sell the lens to an Olympus OM user. The great thing about this conversion is that it is totally reversible!

This photo shows three springs, two are larger (of the same size) than the smaller one. These are not attached or fastened to the lens. If you are NOT careful, they may dislodge and you will lose them. Take caution as these are held in their respective holes with only a small amount of friction!
These springs NEED to be assembled with the new Leitax bayonet mount. Leave the lens as it is for now.

The new Leitax Nikon mount has a “red” index or “witness” mark on the edge, near one of the screw holes. You use this mark to line the lens with the camera body’s lens mounting alignment indicator.

This mark on the Leitax must also line up with the Olympus lens’ focus distance indicator on its lens barrel. When both are in alignment, the three screw holes on the Leitax will line up perfectly with the three threaded holes on the Olympus lens.

Note the lens focus distance indicator on the Olympus lens’ barrel. Also note that the springs are only loosely attached to the back of the lens. Take care that these DON’T come off. If they do, you risk losing them and that’s not good.

This photo is meant for illustrative purpose, I don’t suggest you rest the lens on its side. Please note that the two index marks or “witness” indicator are in alignment. When you place the new Leitax mount on your Olympus, make sure that the lens is resting on its from and the rear faces up. Ensure that the three springs are neatly resting in their respective holes and gently lower the Leitax mount onto the rear of the lens. As you do this, ensure that the two marks are in alignment.

With the two marks in alignment, if your screwdriver is magnetized, place a screw to the tip of the screwdriver, this will facilitate threading the screw into its hole. The screw are very tiny and your fingers may not be capable of placing it squarely in the mounting hole. As you screw in your first screw, you SHOULD keep firm pressure on the Leitax mount as the three springs beneath it will cause the mount to lift up due to the tension that the springs exert. Don’t fully tighten any screw UNTIL all three are partially screw in, you can then tighten all three. Don’t over tighten or you risk damage to the lens’ aluminum threads .

The Olympus 35mm f/2.8 shift lens has been repurposed for use on any Nikon camera!
Having the Olympus “Leitaxed” for Nikon cameras also enable the converted lens to be used on Sony E mount cameras. Here it is mated to a Sony A7r using an after-market Nikon to Sony E adapter.
The usability of the Olympus lens is enhanced twofold! All it took was about ten minutes of effort and the rewards are endless. Thank you Leitax!
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