Please don't hesitate to ask me any doubt regarding this conversion.
Zuiko Nikon  1
This is the Olympus OM-System Zuiko 85/2.0
Zuiko Nikon 2
It has three screws at the bayonet base.
Zuiko Nikon 3
Just lift the bayonet.
Zuiko Nikon 4
This lens has a metal white plate that could affect the image quality .
Zuiko Nikon 5
So I've painted it with my flat black marker from Micro-tools.
Zuiko Nikon 6
Now make a spring like this from a piece of 24mm.
Zuiko Nikon 7
One side goes here.
Zuiko Nikon 8
and here the other side.
Zuiko Nikon 9
Now push the spring down to secure it.
Zuiko Nikon 10The spring is ready in place.
Zuiko Nikon 11Now we can install the Leitax mount, use the provided screws.
Zuiko Nikon 12Ready for a Nikon F-mount or Pentax camera.
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