Please don't hesitate to ask me any doubt regarding this conversion.

This is the Olympus
OM- Zuiko 50/2.0 Auto-Macro.

First, let's remove the three screws of the original mount.

And lift the mount vertically.

I've made a custom lever using a 0.1mm steel sheet gauge and an old scissors.

Another picture.

Here you can see the size.

Another picture.

Now, we have to unscrew about 1mm this screw, but don't remove it.

As you can see, one side of the lever is designed just to be taken with a thin pliers.

The lever we made has to hold this rotating mechanism, fortunately, there is a u form shaped in it.

You may have to move it with a needle to have it like in the picture.

So, let's  put the lever in place.
Here it goes.
And secure it tightening the screw.
I've painted the bright metal that would become exposed.
And now let's put the Leitax mount in its place, making the lines coincide.
And using the provided screws.
The lens and Leitax mount marks will coincide perfectly.

Ready to use it on our Nikon or Pentax cameras.
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