Please don't hesitate to ask me any doubt regarding this conversion.

This is the Olympus
OM- Zuiko 50/1.8

This lens has two important qualities:
It is one of the sharpest lenses ever made and it is very cheap in Ebay.

Some units of the OM 50/1.8 lens have a special mount in two pieces.

But this one has the normal OM mount made in one piece, so it will use our standard Leitax bayonet.

Just remove the three bayonet screws .

And you can lift the bayonet now.

Make one ring and one hook like in the picture from the provided spring.

The ring side goes here.

Using the included needle with a small hook, bring the other side around the lens.

And insert the spring hook here.

Ready, we can screw the Leitax bayonet using the provided screws.
The orange line goes in front the scale center, at the top of the lens.

And here it is on my D700.
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