Please don't hesitate to ask me any doubt regarding this conversion.
Olympus Nikon 1
This is the Olympus OM-System Zuiko 50/1.4 lens.
Olympus Nikon 2
It has three screws at the bayonet base, let's remove them.
Olympus Nikon 3
But we cannot just lift the bayonet as usual, there is a lever than impedes it, so we have to remove the small black shroud, it has three tiny black screws.
Olympus Nikon 4
After removing the screws, it is easy to lift.
Olympus Nikon 5
And now, the bayonet.
Olympus Nikon 6
Now make a spring like this one, from a piece of 25mm, note one of the hooks has an inclination.
To install the spring, we have first to remove this ring.
And this one too.
Olympus Nikon 8
And put the spring the way the picture shows.
Olympus Nikon 9
Now we can install the Leitax bayonet using the provided screws.
Olympus Nikon 10
Ready, a Zuiko-OM lens on  Nikon F-mount or Pentax camera.
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