Please don't hesitate to ask me any doubt regarding this conversion.
Olympus Nikon 1
This is the Olympus OM-System Zuiko 50/1.2
Olympus Nikon 2
It has three screws at the bayonet base, which we have to remove.
Olympus Nikon 3
Just lift the bayonet.
Olympus Nikon 4
Now make a piece like this from a piece of elastic plastic.

You can also order one for free together with the bayonet.
Olympus Nikon 5
This is the size.
Olympus Nikon 6
Now hold this lever with the plastic tool.
Olympus Nikon 7And insert the plastic piece to avoid the lever to return.
Olympus Nikon 8
And we can install the Leitax bayonet with the provided screws.
Olympus Nikon 9

On Nikon cameras, this lens can hit the aperture lever at infinity and F16.

It is possible to remove that lens lever to avoid this problem.
Anyway, it is only at F16 and at Infinity focus.

Ready for all Nikon and Pentax Digital cameras.
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