Instructions valid for all lenses adapted to Nikon mount. Leitax
Adapted lens
First, we have to install the Leitax mount for Nikon on the lens.

Correct position
Put the Leitax template on top of the Nikon mount.

Look at the line mark on the Leitax template, it has to coincide with the top position of the lens when it is on the camera.

This coincides with the aperture
line mark of the lenses.

Also, the lens has to have the focus ring at the infinity position.


Now, there are three possibilities:

In this picture you can see a lens that will not collide with the mirror of the camera
Here you can see a lens that makes contact with the mirror but very slightly.

In this case, it is safe to try the lens on the camera. At most, the mirror will rub slightly the rear glass housing.

If the template foot cannot reach the base of the Nikon mount, it means the lens will hit the mirror and it cannot be used like this.

Also, you can see in this picture how much the lens has to be filed to allow the mirror to move freely.


Measure how much the rear end of the lens that makes contact with the Leitax template has to be grounded off and make a mark at the both sides with a needle.

Now we have to protect the lens, I use raw cotton that also will trap metallic particles.

Also I use a piece of paper tape that will make possible to file it easily.

Now, we can start filing until we reach the marks.

When you reach the marks, turn the lens upside down and remove the cotton protection.
And, finally, remove the few metal particles that trespassed the protection.
I use our plastic tool wrapped with cotton.

Now you can check the lens again with the Leitax template.

If the lens doesn't make contact with the template, it means that can  be used
already on your Nikon FX camera with no danger.

I'd recommend to use a flat black marker from Microtools on the exposed metal to avoid any flares.
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