This is how I glue the Dandelion chip on the Leitax mounts

The Dandelion chip kit I sell has three components:
A caliper, the plastic bracket and the chip strip.

I put the caliper on the Leitax mount with the yellow pin in place.

Now I mark the two extremes of the chip position at the internal side of the bayonet.

The picture is not very good, but one dark line can be seen at one side, there is another one at the other side.

I always use the plastic tool to put glue , never directly with the glue tube, to prevent excess

I've scratched the black paint from the zone where the plastic bracket will be glued

Pushing the bracket against the table will make it to be perfectly flush at the bayonet edge.

NEW! the new bracket model will seat itself on top of the edge of the mount, it is much easier this way.

Now wait several minutes until the bracket is solidly glued, I use to put extra glue at the bracket borders, for more strength

Then, when the glue is dry, we can install the caliper again and spread a bit of glue over the flat bracket surface.

Pushing the chip strip against the caliper like in the picture, it will be exactly on its place
keep pushing it
(softly) several seconds until the glue is dry.

Ready, now I put a bit of more glue with the plastic tool tip at the junctions of the chip strip with the bracket

Wait until the glue is really dry and then some minutes more before installing the bayonet on your lens, we don't want any fumes near our glass.

Please, be careful, don't allow any drop of glue to reach the pins, they will get stuck in their hole and you will not be able to pull them out. The only way could be finding a solvent for the glue you have used and try to dissolve it with a brush.
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How to glue a chip on a Nikkor AI-S lens.